Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men

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Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men


Discover The Best Products For Natural Hair & Beard Growth

Our products are suitable for Men with all hair types & races - European, African, Asian, Latin & Middle Eastern hair.

Watermans products are designed to nourish your scalp, because a healthy scalp will produce your best hair growth.

✓  UK Hair Award Winner

✓  Contain 4 natural DHT blockers

✓  Made in the UK - Shipped promptly from Queensland, Australia

✓ Over 8,700 + 5 Star Customer Reviews (See all reviews here)



Are You Experiencing Thin Hair Or A Fine Beard? 

GrowMe shampoo contains the top 4 natural DHT blockers

✓ Hydrolyzed Lupin Protein

✓ Niacin – Vitamin B3

✓ Caffeine

✓ Rosemary Extract



  • Nourishes scalp ready for natural hair growth
  • Condition hair from the root to tip
  • Suphate Free, Paraben Free
  • PETA Approved (Not tested on animals)
  • Vegan Society certified


Did you know Caffeine alone cannot reduce hair loss or prevent hair loss so pleased don't be fooled by misleading marketing. If it was that simple, Nescafé would go into the hair loss market!

If you are seeking medical Hair Loss Advice please just Google Australia Health Guide to hair loss. Watermans is 100% Cosmetic and does NOT contain minoxidil for hair regrowth.




Our GrowMore™ Formula contains Biotin, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Rosemary Extract, Allantoin and Hydrolyzed Lupin Protein which has a nourishing effect on the skin. Vitamins and Antioxidants such as H, B7, B3, B6, C, E are known to have beneficial and protective effects on the scalp and hair. 

Massage a small amount of Watermans GrowMe® Shampoo into wet hair and leave on scalp for 3-4 Minutes then rinse, use daily as required. Use 4-5 times per week+ for best results.



Our serum is not for coverage over your hair- GROWMORE scalp elixir is a serum that you rub into the scalp and beard follicles (Most customers apply each night)

Our customers Rave!! about our scalp Elixir, because it is twice as strong as our shampoo - this makes it the most efficient and effective way to nourish your follicles for ready for natural hair growth

For best results rub serum directly into your scalp and beard follicles each night. Learn more here GrowMore Scalp Elixir



Packed with powerful ingredients such as Argan Oil, Rosemary, Lupin protein, Caffeine, Vitamins B3, B6, C, E Provitamin B5. 

Apply a small amount to your beard daily for a healthy shine. 

✓ 100% cruelty-free, approved by the Vegan Society.

✓ Free from Sulphates and Parabens

       Shipped from Queensland, Australia

We do not provide guaranteed results, because suitability and outcomes will vary from person to person. Product names do not imply efficacy. 

Make sure you follow product directions on the back of bottles to activate the formula. Customers may experience short term shedding when first using our range. Learn more here FAQ


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New Zealand  7-14 working days

Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane / Adelaide / Tasmania 2-5 working days
Perth / Darwin 5-6 working days 
New Zealand 10-20 working days

Additional Information

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  • Orders with Free Shipping are sent via Standard Post
  • During busy periods it will take us significantly longer to dispatch your order
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
C.J. (Seaford, Australia)
There's definite results

I've definitely been able to see thicker hair growth. I've been on Finasteride and Dutasteride, as well as Minoxidil for a long time as well. I'd love to see more results, so it's four stars for now. That being said, it hasn't been the recommended three months yet. As far as shampoo/conditioning goes, my hair feels healthy and soft, even shampooing 5+ days per week as recommended.

Anonymous (Brisbane, Australia)
Perfectly worked within a short time

I have started using this product for just 3 weeks and I really just can't believe with the results. It helps me in growing my hair back to fuller and thicker. Before starting this shampoo I have taken the pictures of my hair. I have been using this product mostly like 5 times a week due to oily hair. I have seen very good results mixing with water rather than directly applying to scalp. I have just got the serum and I can't wait to start using the serum as well.

Chris Selvage, NSW, Australia
Best shampoo I've ever used

Not only has my hair thickened but I've also enjoyed a healthier scalp and hair - highly recommend the shampoo! I've not used the conditioner but I think I will try it with my next order too. I have used the shampoo in conjunction with some other hair regrowth medication (finasteride + minoxidil) but definitely think the shampoo has assisted in my journey.

Jason Laffer
Successful first month!

This is the second time I've used Waterman's shampoo. I shaved my head in March for the World's Greatest Shave and quickly discovered that I much prefer myself with hair. It lathers well on use and feels like good quality. Has always left my scalp and hair feeling nourished and never stripped or raw. Would definitely recommend and will continue to use it to promote my regrowth. I wish you didn't have to leave it in for so long (makes for long showers) but they do say good things come to those that wait.

Scott Farrington (Basingstoke, United Kingdom)
Great results in 2 months

A year ago I noticed I was going thin so I took the drastic measure of shaving my hair off. I wanted to grow my hair and back and noticed that I was having trouble do it. So I started using Waterman’s shampoo conditioner and elixir and all I have to say is wow. The results are amazing. My confidence is back and don’t feel the need to wear a hat anymore. I will never stop using this product. Thank you Waterman’s.

Jacob Masters
2-month check

So far I can say it is worth it! Fuller-bodied feel to my hair, backed up with confidence as well. I'm not even at the 3 month section yet.

Excited to see where the next few months take me on my 'hair-journey'.

Chris Lea
Still Getting Results

I’ve been using Watermans shampoo, conditioner and scalp elixir for about 7 months. Great results in regrowth and great looking hair.

Results are amazing.

One month apart. I recommend this product the results are amazing.

Bede Armand Crasnich
Much better!!

Hey I’m 3 weeks In and have had amazing results 
The first was a week in, this is now.I had an awful experience having my hair taken to with sheering scissors and thinned out by a barber. 
My hair wasn’t growing back properly and around the centre of my head the hair was thin. 3 weeks into using Watermans my growth has thickened and is much healthier!

ALDWIN CRESCINI (Canberra, Australia)
my hair is coming back


I could see that my hair is growing and my friends started noticing too :-)

you can see that I have grown more hair in the "bangs" area and on the top as well.
I will continue using this product and hope to see better results soon.