What are the possible side effects?

Hair loss and natural hair growth in context:

Please know that hair has a 3 stage growth cycle- anagen, catagen, and talogen.

When your hair hits the talogen cycle it will start to shed as below is a new hair in the follicle.

When you start using our shampoo it can release the hairs that are in and are approaching the talogen stage. This is why you may see more natural hair shedding.

We hope you you are able to commit to our products for a good amount of time, as customers tell us it take around 3 months to become happy with the  overall appliance and body of their hair. For the best outcome please follow the product instructions on each bottle.
When it comes to hair loss the best thing to do is seek medical advice to diagnose, treat and track your hair growth. 
Watermans Shampoo &  Conditioner- Directions for best use
Work in a small amount of shampoo on wet hair. Massage into hair and leave on your scalp for 3-4 Minutes then rinse. Use 4-5 times per week for best results. 
If you don't wash your hair this often, or don't want to wash your hair this often please consider using our scalp elixir between washes to give our ingredients the opportunity to work.  For the best outcome, many customers rave about using our scalp elixir every night!
Although some customers enjoy using our range of cosmetic hair care products, sadly we can not guarantee that all customers will achieve the outcomes they want or will find our range suitable for their hair type.
Please note that product names do not imply efficacy & we do not provide guaranteed outcomes because suitability will vary from person to person. 
Information in this post should not be treated as medical advice and our products should not be used as an alternative to medicine. When it comes to hair loss the best thing to do is seek medical advice to diagnose, treatment track your progress. 
We truly hope this information helps.
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