Watermans, founded by husband and wife team Matt and Gail Waterman in 2014, are responsible for producing a revolutionary range of luxury hair growth products including shampoo, conditioner, scalp elixir and vitamins. Initially operating from their home, the company has grown to become a household name in the hair and beauty industry, exporting their products across the globe and supplying to Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Slovenia, USA, Canada and Europe to name just a few.

Find out how Matt & Gail mixed lotions and potions to finally bring out Watermans Grow Me Shampoo that sells 1 bottle every 30 seconds.



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5 weeks in

My husband results are slow however I am seeing a difference. He is happy to keep using the products and looking forward to seeing the progress over the next few months.

Alopecia - little growths starting!

After suffering severe hair loss of around 80% I really was desperate to try anything. I wasn’t hopeful as alopecia is an autoimmune disease and is very temperamental. However I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for around 1.5 months and I am seeing bursts of growth over my head! I am still loosing some hair but it has definitely decreased over time. I will be repurchasing

Great products!!

I brought 2 shampoo, 2 conditioner and serum. I have extremely fine hair and it breaks very easily. I have been using it for two months now. I can see some changes on my hair. It is stronger and thicker. Watermans shampoo and conditioner is great for oily control. The serum does not have a strong smell, it feels fresh when you apply on your hair. I will continue using their products and give them feedbacks

Effective in preventing hair loss

I had a very bad case of hair loss where , while shampooing , clumps of hair used to come out. I had tried lots of different shampoos and home remedies without results. I am happy to report while using the first bottle of shampoo and conditioner it has reduced by 80%.

Its growing back slowly but surely

Ive been using the product yor about 6weeks. My hair loss was quick and so noticeable and since using the products the first thing i noticed was the amount of hair falling out im seeing new hair growth....its a big relief. I use both shampoo and conditioner daily..and rinse in cool water..

Thicker and fuller hair!

At first, I was skeptical about ordering this as I've tried numerous products for hair loss but they haven't worked.

After only a few weeks of use, I noticed the difference. My hair felt thicker, fuller and softer. I've been recommending it to everyone since then. One of my other friends also noticed less hair loss and loves the product!

Visible results

My hair is thinning due to PCOS. I tried this based on the reviews and so far, I am pleased to see small fine hairs growing back (see pic and disregard greys- but hey, better grey hairs then no hairs right?) Will be ordering more!

Great results

For me the shampoo and conditioner has made my hair less wispy and floppy and it feels thicker. I am always going to use it from now on. :)


Fantastic product. My hair was falling out daily on comb. After just a few days using the shampoo and conditioner this has stopped. Definitely have new hair growth and its only been a month. Am thrilled with results.

Great results so far

Hair feels stronger and thicker. Not loosing as much hair as I used to. Hair takes time to grow so I’m confident I’ll see more hair growth in the coming months.

Amazing!! My new go to shampoo and conditioner!

I had bariatric surgery 2 years ago and my hair has been falling out and thinning. I stared using Watermans a month ago and can feel and see a massive difference already. My hair has stopped falling out, it feels thicker and I’ve got baby hairs growing back! Best of all I can use it every day without my psoriasis flaring. Definitely worth getting!!

Amazing Product

I finally bought Waterman’s shampoo and conditioner after spending a fortune on other hair products. Well I should have bought it a long time ago, from the getgo my hair has felt softer, fuller and stronger. After using for a month I have finally started to get regrowth in the areas where I had small bald patches from Alopecio. This is the first product used that has given me the regrowth and I am totally amazed. The shampoo and conditioner smells gorgeous and it makes my hair look and feel stronger. I can’t wait to see the results after two months as I will only be purchasing Waterman’s from now on and even better it’s now being sold in Boots.

Hair loss

Best shampoo, conditioner and elixir. Saw tremendous change to my hair immediately. Hair loss is way lesser now and my hair is soft and growing really fast. I will highly recommend this shampoo to everyone. Best investment!

Noticed the difference

I’ve noticed the difference after using the shampoo and conditioner for just over three weeks. After having chemo and loosing all my hair it started growing but very slowly, now it’s growing thicker and a lot faster.

Hair care fit for a princess

Perfect product, perfect customer service and yay perfect hair

real grow a little bit after one month

I bought these after my friend recommended, that is amazing, real hairs growing after one month, very glad about that

Love product

Very happy with watermans products definitely recommend been using several months hair feels great notice less hair loss when drying feels fuller love the products

Best shampoo product

Ever since I started using this product my hair came back to life, it feels super soft and is growing super thick

Post - Chemo results

I was undergoing Chemotherapy for A.L.L when I was 14-18 and losing my hair took a huge hit to my self esteem. Since growing it back there are still places where the hair just won't grow back and it makes me look like I have a receding hair line. Since using Watermans Shampoo and Conditioner + the leave in elixir I noticed some major improvements. In just 1 week I had so many new baby hairs and that balding / thinning patch is getting less and less visible. The overall health of my hair looks so much better also, I've suggested it to almost everyone I know. (Left is before, right is after about 3 weeks of use)

Markedly reduced hair fall & thicker regrowth

After using Shampoo / conditioner & serum after 4 weeks I am getting new growth which is thicker with hardly any hair loss. Very happy with products.

Overall Improvement Noticed

Started using this shampoo & conditioner just over a month now; must admit at this stage no huge difference I noticed in my hair volume. But what surprised me was the almost-immediate effect that the spilt hair ends fixed- on the first time I used this shampoo & conditioner combination!
I coloured my hair, did "bleaching" before and you can imagine the damage I have done to my hair; what's more noticeable is the overall improvement on my hair texture and nice shine (not oily type) in less than month. Very happy with the products (have re-purchased in less than a month!).

I was sceptical....but...

I received these products about 5 weeks ago and have been using them 4 times per week since. To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything but clean hair but I have been pleasantly surprised. The first 2-3 weeks I had a lot of hair shedding (more than usual) but now that has eased and I'm seeing lots of new growth. I will continue to use them and see how they go over the course of the year. So far, I'm pretty happy.

Amazing Product

I bought this shampoo & conditioner for my mum who’s 75 and suffers from thinning hair. Within 3 weeks of using her hair looks and feels noticeably thicker!! I am now going to buy some for myself.

Watermans Hair shampoo, conditioner and capsules

So far, so good. My hair feels wonderful and I love the way it smells.
I'm also noticing that I'm not shedding as much hair so I'm now just looking forward to seeing it thicken up.

Works wonders!!

I've always had thin hair but after having babies, it just got worse and worse. I've been using the shampoo and conditioner set everyday for a month now. And I could really see the difference!! My hair is not falling out as much when I wash it and there's small new hair growing out in the previously getting bald areas! Will definitely keep using it. Thank you Watermans!!