Watermans, founded by husband and wife team Matt and Gail Waterman in 2014, are responsible for producing a revolutionary range of luxury hair growth products including shampoo, conditioner, scalp elixir and vitamins. Initially operating from their home, the company has grown to become a household name in the hair and beauty industry, exporting their products across the globe and supplying to Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Slovenia, USA, Canada and Europe to name just a few.

Find out how Matt & Gail mixed lotions and potions to finally bring out Watermans Grow Me Shampoo that sells 1 bottle every 30 seconds.



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I Give It 5 Stars!!

I give it 5 stars!
I noticed the difference straight away in the strength, texture and fullness.

Recommend 10/10

My hair-line has been reseeding for a while now unfortunately I won’t get it back, but now you can’t tell I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 6-8 weeks and what a difference, it is so think now I was even ask if I had a hair transplants lol, can’t recommend this enough 10/10

Amazing product

Ok, so I'm a Transgender female, and Watermans Shampoo has been the only thing that has been able to thicken my hair up, my wife also uses it and we both have had amazing results, our hair stylist couldn't believe the difference! Thanks guys x

I can see results

I have noticed less hair fall out and will continue to use and post more updates regarding hair growth.

amazing shampoo & conditioner

Been using this shampoo and conditioner now for a week and my hair feels fantastic I’m that happy with it, I will defiantly be ordering more very highly recommend this shampoo I’ve had a lot of comments from friends saying how shiny and thick it looks already and that’s only after using this product for a week .. fantastic so happy

Wonder shampoo

I have been using grow me from Xmas and took my time to review this new shampoo . I can say I've purchased many hair shampoos with disappointed results BUT GROW ME HAS NOT ONLY IMPROVED MY ITCHY SCALP IT HAS DEFINITELY GIVES MORE STRUCTURE AND FEELS AND IS THICKER THKU GROW ME 👍👍😉

There is so much hair now, I can't handle it 👏

I recommend that you the try Watermans Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Elixir for hair growth.

Very nice product

It helps with hairs and keep hairs shiny and healthy.

GROW MORE ELIXIR - Best Hair Growth Serum - (100ml)

Hard to believe it has worked so well!

I have a before and after pic. The pic to the left (looking at it) was taken the day I started. The one on the right 3 weeks later as the scalp line has disappeared. You will see I’m starting to get thickness and it’s more full.

I was taking a medication to help my hair from falling out but now with your product I have stopped the medication. It’s actually hard to believe it has worked so well.

Working well.

My hair was shedding like leaves, I was really scared that I will be bald soon. I just searched online and find out these products. What a life saver! Thanks to Watermans products. I will continue to use it as my hair fall is 70% less than before in 45 days and can see hair growth as well. Thanks again. I already recommended this to 4 of my friends. ✌️

It's amazing

this product is really really useful!!!!

great shampoo and conditioner.

Just started this waterman shampoo and conditioner,it does make your hair thicker and grow quicker.

Fabulous product!

5* product. Gentle on my hair. Amazing results and the smell is gorgeous. I love it! My hair is healthy shiny and the best condition it’s been in a long time. Will only use Watermans! Thank you for giving us such an awesome product. Well done!

Amazing products

Love these products. My hair was very thin before I started using the shampoo ,conditioner and the elixir leave in treatment . It's got alot thicker now and I am very please with my result .I will continue using it .

It's too early to say

I am still patient and positive but I can see some improvement.

Firm Favourite

I lost all my hair through chemo in 2017 and it never grew back anywhere near as thick as it used to be. I heard about watermans and started using it earlier in the year with amazing results. My hairdresser has even commented on how much thicker it's getting. I wouldn't use anything else now.


I’ve used this 3 times & can already feel a difference in my hair. Would highly recommend

1 month improvement

Hello Team Watermans (AU),

We are delighted to share the picture of my hubby's 1 month hair growth improvement using the Grow Me Shampoo and Conditioner.

Looking forward to more up improvement ☺️

Kind regards,

Superb product

Hair growing back. Love it!!

Absolutely love it

Absolutely love this Shampoo it is the only Shampoo I will use from now on. I’ve noticed a massive difference to the condition of my hair. It’s my second time purchasing Watermans products I also love the Conditioner and the growth serum.

Even My Hairdresser Has Been Impressed!!

My husband was the instigator for me to try the products. I have now used the first supply over a 7 week period & have been surprised by the great results.
Even my hairdresser has been impressed with both the increased volume & strength it has shown- Doreen T, Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia

Underactive thyroid

I was sceptical when I purchased the shampoo and conditioner but the results speak for themselves. Having an under active thyroid bring thinning hair and in my case a receding hairline (not good on a female). So on Saturday I needed a haircut after four weeks...usually I get away with 6 - 8. I showed the hair dresser the before and after photos and we were both amazed really. Well done Watermans 👍

Hair growth shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for 1 month and i have seen huge difference .my hair stop falling now ,i love this shampoo and i am going to order more thanks so much waterman


Love these products, ordered shampoo and conditioner. Nothing before this worked for my hair. Going to order full set next. Keep up the good work.