Watermans was founded by husband and wife team Matt and Gail Waterman in 2014.

Based in Yorkshire, England the company focuses on luxurious hair care that helps your hair to feel thicker and fuller.

The idea for the business was developed when they both began suffering from different variations of hair loss. After a variety of products on the market, they could not find anything that did the trick and decided to create their own formula to improve how thicker and fuller their hair felt.

Gail, a former hairdresser and salon owner who has had a background in the hair industry for over 32 years and Matt, a marketing expert, knew what high salon standard needed to be achieved when producing this product.

The development journey began in 2012-2014, which was then tested by both of them and then brought into the salon environment to test on Gail's salon customers where there were a range of different hair types, textures and hair problems to experiment on and to substantiate the efficacy of their products.

Initially operating from their home, the company has grown to become a household name in the hair and beauty industry, exporting their products across the globe and supplying to Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Slovenia, USA, Canada and Europe to name just a few. 


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Very Pleased

I took the after photo about 65 days after I started using the shampoo, conditioner and elixir. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised when I compared it to the before photo. I really don't know what else I need to say. I think the photos speak volumes.

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Robbie (Sydney, Australia)
Only product that works

This is possibly only product that let you have the confidence back by growing your hair. You must continue using and need to use as instructed.

From balding to buzz in 2 months

With only 2 months worth of use I noticed a great change in my hair. It was growing back from balding to full coverage. It also stopped falling out.
Using the shampoo daily and the elixir nightly my hair is growing back at a rapid rate and is giving me encouragement to continue.
It continues to change even in just the last 2 weeks since my video/photos, it's darker and thicker.
Very happy.

Lauren (Sydney, Australia)
Hair appears fuller and softer

Nice shampoo and conditioner. Hair is softer and fuller looking after washing. Previously dry and lots of breakage. Smell is nice and lathers well. Down side is need to wash most days for results.

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Sajjad ahmad (Adelaide, Australia)
It’s working for me

I had hair thinning and hairs were falling at a very fast rate. My pillow is usually full of hair in the morning. I used different hair products that were specifically marketed for hair fall. Caffeine shampoos, I used Argon oil based products, hair oils available in market and pure oils having hair benefits but nothing worked.
Initially I purchased GrowMe hair elixir from Amazon and saw some benefits. Then I ordered shampoo through website. The shipping was fast. It’s almost 2 months since I’m using the shampoo almost on daily basis. I leave it for 3-4 minutes before washing. I don’t need a conditioner with growme shampoo as my hair are not as dry as it was with caffeine shampoo. Before using this shampoo, when I apply shampoo, I can see my hands full of hairs but now I can’t see a single hair. Clearly it’s an improvement. My hair has stopped falling. So far happy with the results. It’s bit costly but I think I’ll buy it again.

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Dawn Viljoen (Brisbane, Australia)
Brilliant results!

After a few years of health issues, my already thin hair was starting to fall out and thin really badly. My hairdresser was refusing to colour as my hair could not handle the treatments anymore. I bought the GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner after doing extensive research. Within one month of using two days on/one day off, my hair stopped falling out. Two months later I went back to my hairdresser who couldn't believe the difference! Now my hair is healthy and as 'full' as fine hair can be. I have received many compliments lately about how pretty my hair looks. I can highly recommend these products! Thank you 😊

Sherazneen Ali (Auckland, New Zealand)
Hair Growth

Over the years I have tried many products without results. This is my second set of Watermans Shampoo and Conditioner. Hair growth has improved (much faster) and over all healthy hair. No split ends..no dryness at all. This photo is one year apart...have had two minor trims in between. Fashion colour faded so second pic is back to natural colour. Have also noticed lots of new hair around my face.

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Lindsay Tegart (Sydney, Australia)
Good product

I am happy using shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels great and I like the fact that it doesn't have harmful ingredients

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Donna Bagot (Adelaide, Australia)
Great results 3 months on.

Very happy with the results. Lots of new hair growth. I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for 3 months and I’m impressed. I will be using these products for the foreseeable future. I have my hairdresser to thank for recommending you.

Perfect Watermans Product

The perfect shampoo, which has a herbal scent. Stimulates hair growth, nourishes, and conditioner which is great. Since I have had a PCOS problem for 12 years, my hair fell out, until I discovered Watermans products. My recommendation, for these products.

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Charlotte Purcell (Sydney, Australia)
Best hair growth shampoo & conditioner ever!!

In 2020 I had alopecia areata, all my hair come out in clumps! I found watermans online and have never looked back since, this product I will be using for the rest of my life I’m so grateful to have found it!

My hair has grown back so thick and healthy, healthier than it was before I had my alopecia! I stopped using it for a couple of weeks as a hairdressers recommended me to try something different and let me tell you, I will not be making that mistake again within days my hair started falling out again, as soon as I started using watermans again it stopped!! I have recommended this product to everyone and will carry on doing so because I firmly believe it works!! Thank you so much Watermans

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Greg Potter (Geelong, Australia)
Happy Boy

I started using the shampoo and conditioner around 3 months ago after I noticed my hair was Starting to thin fairly bad after surgery To be honest I didn't think it would work As good as I as it has But I'm extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend the products

Jason Walker (Brisbane, Australia)
Definite Improvement

I hadn’t really noticed my thinning hair until I saw myself on a CCTV camera and noticed this big patch. I was skeptical at first of products claiming to treat hair loss by my hairdresser and said he had noticed a change using Watermans so I gave it a go.
The results are that my hair is stronger, silky and the rate of loss as stopped. I don’t think I’ve regrown much hair but there is a clear and definite improvement from using these products

The Shampoo Duo
James IBRAHIM (Sydney, Australia)
Amazing results

I had a thiner hair especially my hair line was so light after using watermans Shampoo and following the instructions using of the product. It will be my daily Shampoo and next time I will order it with the cconditioner as I was using a high quality but different brand and still I am seeing a big difference is happening and you can see the difference between my pictures before and after. I highly recommend it to my family and friends.

Sam (Gold Coast, Australia)
Great Results!

I've been using the Shampoo, Conditioner & Elixir for about 2 months consistently (3-4 times a week) now and the results have been amazing. I've been battling hair loss for a while and have tried a few products with little benefit. With Watermans, I could feel a difference in my scalp and hair texture from the very first use. The products smell great and really feel like they're working. My hair and scalp have never felt better. Family and friends are noticing too! I'll be using the products for the foreseeable future. Thanks again.

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Greg Wotherspoon (Brisbane, Australia)
Good Results

People have noticed that since I started using Watermans my hair has looked a lot thicker and healthier. They are also surprised that my hair looks so good for a 60 year old male.

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Tufail Haider (Sydney, Australia)
Amazing Products

So far so good.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

My hair was very weak now getting stronger thicker gradually.

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Kristian López (Auckland, New Zealand)
Amazing products

I have been in a process of finding a product that can make my hair grow again, some of them hasn't work, and with others i haven't had the results I was expecting (about a year, regro/minoxidil) and I can say that these products are the best that I could ever find. Hope that you can see my results on my photos using the products for two months now (Shampoo and elixir).
Defenetly I will add the conditioner on my next purchase.

Excelent costumer service 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Harsh Gupta (Auckland, New Zealand)
100% Improvement in 7 weeks

I have been using this shampoo from last 7 weeks now and definitely there is a noticable improvement. Will continue using it for next 3 months and hopefully will have better results.
- No side effects so far
- Easy Instructions to follow
- Nice & Clean process

Bouncy Hair

I love these product's bought both Shampoo and Conditioner, what I noticed was bouncy hair it just felt and smelled wonderful. The hair started to show signs of improvement it seemed stronger after 2 months and felt cleaner for several days wear . Very happy with purchase.

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Justin Williams (Sydney, Australia)
Fantastic results !!

I have only been using the grow me shampoo and conditioner for one month and have already noticed great results in hair density and health and colour !! Can’t wait to see the next two months of progress !!

I’ve been using 4-5 x times per week.

The Shampoo Duo
Gerry (Auckland, New Zealand)

I'm glad I tried your products, and will order again soon.

Tenielle Richards (Melbourne, Australia)
Wow. Just wow

Im early 40s and have had thinning hair for years. Probably from stress. I bought myself watermans GROW MORE elixir as a birthday treat. I really didn't think it would work. I've used it most nights and it has been amazing the difference in my hair. I'll definitely keep using it to keep thickening my hair. I'd recommend to anyone.

Toner shampoo and condition

Oh wow, hair crisis reversed this stuff is the dogs, I won't change now it the best thankyou watermans buzzin and got it at half price, please watermans lower prices and make a hairspray, as I'm a single mom with health issues just a bit on high side.

Very Beautiful hair

Very beautiful hair, after applying GrowMore elixir onto scalp.