Watermans, founded by husband and wife team Matt and Gail Waterman in 2014, are responsible for producing a revolutionary range of luxury hair growth products including shampoo, conditioner, scalp elixir and vitamins. Initially operating from their home, the company has grown to become a household name in the hair and beauty industry, exporting their products across the globe and supplying to Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Slovenia, USA, Canada and Europe to name just a few. 

Learn how Matt & Gail developed Watermans Grow Me Shampoo that sells 1 bottle every 30 seconds

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My Best Friend 😍

"I have been using Watermans Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum for just over 2 years now.
My hair was falling out and thinning at the front because of my medication. Getting old and using home dyes on my hair all the time did not help either. But then I found Watermans. A frigin Miracle, a life safer. My hair has grew and thickened up so much. I have had the odd trim a few times over the years, but a few weeks back I had to get my hair chopped by my hairdresser as I was actually sitting on it haha. The hairdresser could not believe how lovely my hair was and in such Good Condition. (The best condition my hair has been in years) her words, and yes I still home dye my hair. Watermans has became my best friend. I LOVE it. I can't wait to try the Blue Shampoo and Conditioner on my blonde hair..
Thank You Watermans your the best ❤️

Results after only a few weeks

I’ve been loosing hair due to weight loss for months now, my hair became so thin and bald patches were starting to show.
After just a few weeks of using watermans shampoo and conditioner I saw and felt a difference! Baby hairs started to grow immediately and my hair dresser comments on how much regrowth I have.
I’ve tried numerous products but watermans is by far the best


All my life I've described my hair as babyhair. It's blonde, thin, not much of it and grows sooooo slow. Since starting using Watermans GROW Shampoo & conditioner and recently Elixir, I have thicker, healthier, longer locks. YAY!!!

Hair raising happy

I’m really happy with this product it’s helps heaps for me hair, it’s more full of life and growing longer

Great results in 50 days

I have used a full bottle of watermans grow me shampoo and conditioner and seen a significant amount of growth in that time. Very happy

Boost your growth

I like it my hair become healthy and shiny hair and strong thhhhankkkks Watermans ❤️❤️❤️

It's a game changer

I had severe hair fall due to stress and keto diet. So I decided to chop my hair first and then look into the products that would help my hair fall.
I can across this magical product and I'm amazed to see the results.
I always had thin hair and now people especially my family members tell me that my hair look thicker and fuller.
I'm so happy with the results and I'm definitely gonna buy more and highly recommend to others.

It works

My hair feels and looks thicker after 50 days.


Iv recently just gone blonde and been using the purple shampoo about 2 months as I had a lot of yellow in my hair which with each wash I was able to see the difference and I’m super happy with my results i have even started to leave it in a bit longer than is recommended to get a purple grey colour on my hair which I love iv been using Waterman’s a long time as I had a lot of hair loss when I was pregnant and after been pregnant and I can honestly say it’s my go to product as it’s helped so much my hair has never felt better I even recommend it to my friends and family who also agree the products are amazing so thankyou guys

Best hair products yet!

I’m 60 and was loosing hair in handfuls, after trying numerous products nothing worked, tried this combination for the last couple of months and hardly any hair loss. Brilliant product and would highly recommend.


I think the shampoo has made a difference to my hair so I am going to keep using it see the difference in the pictures.
I also seem to be cutting it every week as if its growing quickly too

Hair still today

I’ve been amazed at how wonderful this has been when you get to a certain age you think that’s it but no what’s the thing you think your losing stays with you if used correctly keep with it keep positive and it will be something you won’t regret yep it works

Does what it says!

My hair is definitely a bit longer and definitely a lot thicker after using the shampoo and conditioner for about 6 weeks. I’ve been using it on my hair which has been damaged by alot of hair dye use and using these products have meant my hair has still managed to grow and even feels and appears a lot healthier and bouncier! My fringe I had has even grown out already. I plan on continuing to use both during my hair growth journey!

Life saver

After three months my hair grew so much! I highly recommend u to try it out! I have hair loss because autoimmune disease few months ago, tried few things didn’t work out, finally Watermans worked!!

My Before and After Photos

I wanted to send my before and after photos since using your products.
From January 30th - 25th March.

Huge improvement after just 6 weeks!

I thought after 5/6 weeks it would be too soon to even notice a difference, but hair is definitely healthier and stronger. Excited to see the progress after another few months but I got the serum/shampoo/conditioner, love it!

I see a big difference

I’ve been using this for 2 months straight now. I wash my hair 3/4 times a week and a leave both the shampoo and the conditioner in my hair for around 4 minutes a piece. These pictures were taken around a month apart. From my first picture with no use and my last of 2 months worth. Let me tell you that my hair DOES NOT GROW. As you can see there’s about 2inches of growth there! My hair is thick and looking very shiny too. If you are contemplating, just give it a go. I feel it’s working for me!

New hairs growing

Well I was sceptical.. but gave it a go & this morning after using this trio I can see new hairs growing at the front of my hairline ..

Waterman's Schampoo and Conditioner

So far, my hair is looking healthier and more dense after 6 weeks. I will continue to use this product and will definitely recommend it

Life changing!

I was a bit dubious but thought I had nothing to lose by giving this product a go and have to say I am over the moon with it.

I've always had fine hair and as I've gotten older, I've gotten more paranoid about how thin it looks around my fringe and parting. I basically tapped the fibres out in the needed areas and patted them down, I also used hair spray as suggested and was so happy with the results. I instantly had thicker looking hair. I used the dark brown of which I have quite a lot of grey coming through but thought it blended really well.

Was so impressed that I decided to check the company out online and have seen the amazing results for their shampoos and conditioners so have purchased those. This is great for a quick fix for when you are going out somewhere and will definitely give your confidence a boost.

Lives up to all expectations!

This product comes in a shaker container that you literally shake/tap on to your scalp. It’s a loose product that moves so it’s advisable to set it with hairspray.

It’s sooooo easily to use and only takes a few minutes, very easy to add into your daily hair routine. I found lifting the hair and tapping at the roots the best method, then comb hair as usual. The colour “dark brown” is exactly that and very natural.

I think a spray application would be easier for people that need to apply it to their crown, and maybe an all in one with setting ability. A few points to consider with this my husband found it a little itchy (nothing major I think he could just feel the product on his head) and maybe not the best to use with a white pillowcase. Aside from that a fantastic product - see my before and after photos!

Helps to disguise a wide parting

I have a wide parting in my hair so tried some of this. You sprinkle it where you need it and the illusion of hair appears! Spray a bit of hair spray or styling spray so that it holds for the day. It's definitely helpful and not messy to use. It will wash out but brushes out easily. Very handy.

Very effective shampoo and conditioner!

I have tried many hair strengthening and hair growth boosting products however nothing gave good enough results except Waterman’s shampoo and conditioner. (For better results I leave the conditioner for at-least 15 mins) As you can see in my photos, this product is showing great results without having to spend lots of money on expensive treatments. I’ve only been using this for over a month or two and I’ve already got so much of my hair back.

WOW! You must give it a try!!

I started my Waterman’s hair journey in January 2021.I’d been ignoring for a long time that I had a hair problem. It’s slowly creeped up on me over the last couple of years and more recently. Mainly stress related,what with working through a pandemic in a care home it’s been very tough.I started to notice my hair thinning a lot and it wasn’t until I saw my mum (ever the honest opinion) who really made me realise how thin it had actually got. It was time to act. After reading and looking at many reviews I took the plunge and began my Waterman’s hair grow me challenge. As soon as it arrived I went for it. I’ve been very consistent with my hair routine and strictly followed the instructions on the bottle operating on a day on day off system. With days off I use the Grow more Elixir, I started to use this after a couple of weeks of shampoo and conditioner use alone.I just wanted to give my hair the best chance. It has not disappointed at all, the results speak for themselves!! I couldn’t recommend these products enough!! And urge anyone who’s just thinking about it to just go for it! You won’t be disappointed but you must be patient. Your hair does not grow over night. That is why I have waited to give my review because I feel it is always best to give things a chance and to be totally honest.
Start of journey 02-01-2021
Reviewed and continued use 14–03-2021

2-month check

So far I can say it is worth it! Fuller-bodied feel to my hair, backed up with confidence as well. I'm not even at the 3 month section yet.

Excited to see where the next few months take me on my 'hair-journey'.