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Love it!

It leaves my hair super smooth, shiny and manejable. It smells incredible and the bottle size it’s pretty good.


When my hair became thin and brittle, it was such a shock because I have had beautiful hair all my life! It turned out I had a Vit D deficiency, then someone recommended Waterman’s and I have my beautiful hair back! It is thick and healthy and I cannot praise it enough! Try it you will not be disappointed!!

It won’t happen overnight but it will happen

I’ve been using all of Watermans products for more than 6 months now. I had a stroke as soon as I turned 50. The stress of this coupled with menopause was causing my hair to fall out in clumps. And I don’t mean a small handful it filled my whole hand. It was so bad that I was too scared to wash my hair and when I did I just cried in the shower. My hair has always been long and so thick but started thinning quit quickly and I had bald spots right at the front. It was so embarrassing. I could see people looking which always almost brought me to tears. Thankfully my hair has stopped falling out. My fringe has started to thicken up again and you can’t even see any bald spots anymore. My hairdresser can’t believe all the new growth through the back of my hair. And I still can see new growth growing in my fringe. It took a few months but we are talking hair growth. You can’t expect a miracle overnight. Thank you Matt Ken and Watermans hair

Great Results!!!

I have been using this product for 1 month now and I can already start to see the results. Will continue to use this product.

100% satisfied

I loved the product. I actually see the difference in my hairs. Its extremely good and would recommend.


Noticed hair thinning after needing to take a specific medication. Although I have only used a few times I can see new hair coming through. Will definately re-order

I’m so happy!

I’ve been struggling with hairloss for quite some time. I’ve had blood clots in the past and the medication made a lot of my hair fall out which was heart breaking. Since then, even though I’m off the meds, I’ve had trouble with it getting better then going back to having a lot of shedding. A few months ago it was so bad that when I just touched my hair, bunches were coming out at the same time. My hairline was getting worse as well. I was getting more depressed as time went by. I’m unsure how I came across Watermans, but I am truly grateful that I did! I read all the reviews I could find and was so impressed that I ordered the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment immediately. The price was more than reasonable as well and worth every dollar! When I received it, I used it straight away! I poured about a 20cent piece size amount into my hands and emulsified it over my head so I didn’t drop any over the floor and massaged it in and left it for 4 minutes. Please remember it has no sulfates in it so it won’t be bubbly like normal shampoo. The smell is really nice. I then rinsed and placed about half the amount of conditioner in my hands and put it in the lengths first then the rest on my scalp and massaged in. I wish I could explain how divine this smells!!! It is also incredibly thick! I leave it in for a few minutes and rinse. After towel drying I use the leave in. It will last so long as one pump does everything! I use it mostly on my hairline. Then I get a detangeling brush and use that to brush my scalp only to really get it in, but don’t brush your hair when it’s wet as it’s the weakest at that point. I wash my hair every 3 days but use the treatment every day. It doesn’t ruin your blow dry at all which is awesome! I’ve been using it for about a month now and I can honestly say how amazed I am at the results! My hair is only coming out in normal amount now and I can brush my hair without it all over me! Thank you from the bottom of my hear Watermans ❤️

Great product

I’ve purchased the shampoo a month ago, been using twice a week, still a lot left in the bottle. Little goes a long way, the more you use it, the cleaner your hair will be. My “Mickey Mouse” hairline hasn’t healed tbh, I’ll keep on using the products and hope for more baby hairs.
Lengthwise my hair grew about 1/2 inch in a month which is pretty impressive! And it’s a lot stronger, more volume and less hair loss when brushing.
I like the herbal smell, kind of makes you believe it’s gonna work :) The conditioner however smells like old people’s wardrobes. Guess you’ll rinse it out properly this way lol
I’m loving it, would recommend it, it does good to your hear. I just can’t wait to see more results!

Ps. The mickey on the left was beginning of may, two in the right this morning.

Great products!

After losing all my hair from chemotherapy I started using the serum and now my hair has grown now use the shampoo and conditioner.. my hair has grown back thick and fast and not at all wiry, lovely and soft and great condition... I’m really pleased !


I’ve just finished my second bottle of shampoo and conditioner and use the serum also. Since March my hair has grown about 5-6cm, it’s incredible. I love how clean my hair feels when I wash it and my colour has stayed brilliantly vibrant the whole time. Now starting to get all my friends using it, I love it. Even my hairdresser took a photo of my hair yesterday as she couldn’t believe the growth and condition of it after 12 weeks since my last appointment. I really can’t recommend Watermans products high enough!! The top photo was taken on the 9th of March and the bottom one was taken yesterday on the 18th of May. Second photo is curtesy of my hairdresser.

My hair hasn't being coming out in clumps like it usually does . So I'm very happy with the products ! I am a hairdresser and I have been recommending to my clients . Thank you

Hoping for change

I’ve been using it for only 4 weeks and have seen a mild improvement. I’m giving it some more time.


This is lovely, its quite thick which means you dont need to put as much on and leaves my hair silky, i love it

It really does work!

After having major issues with my hair falling out I decided to shave it all off and start looking after it properly and hoping it would grow back healthy. I stopped using anything that could possibly damage my hair including hair dyes, sprays and shampoos that contain nasty ingredients. After doing an online search for the best hair growth shampoo I came across Watermans. I decided to try it. I must confess, I was quite sceptical at first. I thought it was just another gimmick product that won't deliver what it's supposed to. But boy was I wrong!
After only a short period of time I could see a difference in the texture of my hair. Strands felt thicker, I had baby hair growing in places where there were bald patches and my hair was growing at a rapid rate! I was extremely happy with what I was achieving. I have now been using Watermans shampoo for 11 months and I will never use anything else ever again. Why go for something else when you have the best?
I have submitted a photo where you can see how damaged my hair was, just a day before I shaved it all off. On the right you can see how healthy my hair is after using Watermans shampoo in just 5 months. I am so happy I discovered Watermans shampoo, it's a product I simply cannot live without.

Getting my locks back!

I am really pleased with the shampoo and conditioner! I have really long hair and brushing it is a nightmare! Since using both I have noticed less hair loss after brushing and its feeling much thicker! I only wash my hair 3 times a week and have been using it for around a month. I'm happy with the results I'm seeing. Definitely going to order more. Smells lovely too. Well done Watermans! 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️


Wow i have noticed the difference in a big way my hair dosnt fall out as much as it use to now i love this product

Lovely price and amazing effects!

I have to say this pack of shampoo and conditioner is the most lovely item because it really helps to save money! It's much cheaper than separated ones! I love it for its lovely price as well as its fuction.

My dream shampoos

It really controls oil and reduces scurf! Since I started using watermans shampoo, I do feel my scalp getting healthier than before!

Best shampoo and conditioner

Hello, been looking for a natural shampoo and conditioner for a while. these products have great ingredients adding fullness. love these products

Usando a 04 dias, não tenho como avaliar a melhora em relação ao crescimento capilar

Estou usando a 04 dias e não tenho como dar uma opinião sobre a melhor na diminuição da queda e no crescimento do cabelo, mas são produtos com uma fragrância e frescor muito bons. Estou usando diariamente e seguindo todas as recomendações de uso, creio que com uns 30 dias de uso eu já tenha como dar uma melhor opinião.

A good product

This is a good product. It stops my hair falling and grow new hair. I will buy again and again

Shampoo & Conditioner

Great product that my son and I use. Does not seem to be able to save my receding hair line but enjoy using these anyway.

😊😊😊😊 stick with it - keep it strong

Extremely happy with results .hair was so thin on top resorted to wigs and hair systems for years fed up with them and the decided to to just live with thin hair ..until I came across watermans the patchy hair pic was after having my very last hair system off six to eight months with watermabs it grew back and the white blonde pic is now since having it bleached and toned once it got stronger ..I will still keep using watermans regular to keep it strong 👍👍👍

Works like a charm

Great product, made my hair grow a lot faster than before. Have to get haircuts more often now lol.

Finally! I’ve found the one

Im 22 and been having terrible hairloss since as long as i can remember. Tried various brands from the cheap, famous and expensive asf. Nothing has worked. I bought this w/o much expectation but the day after i used it i woke up w/o bunch of hairs on my bed and it actually feels so smooth too! Love it! Will deff restock!