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Natural hair

I’ve been using Watermans Shampoo & conditioner on my natural hair which consists of salt & paper hair, it has thicken my hair and added much needed volume.

Hair from start to now

My hair from start after chemo in sept to now grown so quick and thick . Now hubby trying it I love it use both shampoo and conditioner at least 3 to 4 times a wk

So in love

48 days ago I had a massive loss of hair and patch of near no hair from.stress ... after using these amazing products the patch is near covered my hair thicker and longer and so so healthy before and after pics clearly show how much longer and thicker my hair now is

I had postpartum hair loss

I had postpartum hair loss and basically had bald batches all through the front of my hair line.
My hair was crazy struggling with all the hormonal changes of having a baby- but now
everyone has noticed how much thicker my hair has gotten. I have been using Watermans for 5 months.

So much longer !!!

After using Waterman’s for 4 months after having hair extensions which badly damaged my hair. My hair has grown absolutely loads and is so so so healthy!!!!!! These products really do work!!!! Would never use anything else. Really happy !

The photo on the left is in October 2019 and the photo on the right is January 2020.

Nothing else worked

I love this product and will never look back at buying anything else because nothing made my hair grow- But overtime this product did and that is why I highly recommend it!!!!
Thank you

My hair looks thicker and healthier

The bottom right was 2yrs ago before I heard about this product...the top right hand photo was b4 I started using this amazing set..the left hand side is now. So thank you for my prize combo I won am very happy. My hair looks thicker and healthier than it ever was especially after chemo. Thanks watermens xx

Seeing results already

I have been using the growth shampoo and elixir for 23 days, I wash my hair every second or third day and can already see a difference in length, thickness and condition. So happy!

Slowly but surely I'm getting there

My hair has always been fine and thin. But then hypothyroidism and menopause had made it thin out even more. When you don't have much to begin with this is bad news. :(
I was not expecting a lot from the products, to be honest. Firstly, I am skeptical generally of product claims. Secondly, I only wash my hair once a week and don't massage for more than 30 seconds when I do so I was not expecting miracles. Despite the above, I have noticed my hair is definitely looking better after a year of using the products. So now I am using the elixir to give it a boost between washes. Happy with the results despite my slack efforts.
The photos are a year apart. Lighter coloured hair in 2018. Yes, the colour, style and length are different, but hopefully you can see it looks fuller. And the purple... What can I say, I like my privacy. :)

Very happy

I started using Waterman shampoo and conditioner in early November 2019 Have been using it regularly. After using it for the first time my hair was lovely shiny and soft. I have also purchased the Growmore Elixa which I use on the days I don't have time to wash my hair.
All products have a very nice smell menthol smell. Good for male or female. One of the best things I have found is that for very fine hair and thinning hair the products give my hair lift and fullness so my hair currently appears to have a lot more volume. My photos where taken to display the baldest parts of my hair but already my hair looks and feels a lot better than it did. The top of my head looks fuller and I will continue to use these products as they are so much kinder to my hair and my hair looks and feels so much better using it.

This stuff is amazing

I've been using watermans shampoo and conditioner for 4 months now, my hair was badly damaged, thinning badly, brittle and dry, I was so embarrassed and upset with my hair I decided to use this product as I have used other brand hair growth packs previously with no effect, working as a nurse and a single mum I don't have the time to wash my hair daily lucky to wash it 2-3 times a a week. Since using watermans I've noticed a massive change espically the thickness and the health I've also had my hair cut about 2 months ago to above shoulder length my hair has grown faster then usual, I'm so happy with the results and can actually wear my hair down and feels confident, honestly this product is amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone.. Thank you watermans 😊😊😊

Excellent results.

I have used Watermans shampoo and conditioner for sometime and as well as making my hair look fuller I now have new hairs sprouting all over my head ! I also have a very sensitive scalp and these products do not upset it at all. I will continue to use, My hair was starting to look thinner, I am 73 and very pleased to have found products that really do help.



This shampoo & conditioner is just amazing. I am so in love with it, my hair is getting thicker and I am getting compliments from everyone

Fine hair

I have very fine hair and it was starting to get less and less but after using Waterman’s shampoo and conditioner it’s getting better don’t get me wrong it’s still fine hair just more of it and in better condition

30 days and it gave me back my confidence

I lost a lot of hair in a very short amount of time due to both stress and not looking after myself.
I was feeling extremely low until someone recommended this brand to me. I sceptically bought the above package, as many brands say they will help your hair and wont make a difference, but I have to say this stuff is AMAZING. The photos below are exactly 30 days apart. I am so happy and feeling so much better from just 30 days. I would recommend this to everyone I know.

After a traumatic operation..

My hair dramatically fell out a few months after a traumatic operation. I bought your shampoo and conditioner. After a few weeks it stopped falling out and now 10 months later my hair continues to be thick and healthy. It even has changed from dead straight to a bit curly. Will continue to use it. Thx

You saved me

I was skeptical at first, especially the price we have to pay but fell in love with product. Little hairs are growing again and hopefully I will have thick hair again. I love the shampoo and conditioner but love the tonic. I use it in between washes.

Amazing results

My hair hasn't been this healthy in years if not ever! I am so pleased with the results the condition of my hair has dramatically improved. Highly recommended this product

I love the waterman products they awesome and it really work on my hair

Love the product they awesome start using them and I can see change in my hair it strength my hair and give the volume back

I was getting a bald patch..

"My hair was getting thin- especially at the back, I was getting a bit of a bald patch so I though id give it ago. The results have been great. All my hair is alot thicker now I love it!!"

Great Products!!

I was using another Hair Growth Shampoo, however it was causing my eczema at the nape of my neck to flare up. Although the shampoo was free from parabens and sulphates and all the other toxic nasties, there was obviously an ingredient in there that my skin reacted to. My naturopath suggested I try Waterman. I'm 53 and have super fine hair. I used to have a lot more of it, however over the years it has thinned out. I'm halfway through my second bottle of shampoo and conditioner and have noticed a significant change. My hair feels fuller, really healthy and a lot less hair loss on my brush and comb. I had my haircut last week and my hairdresser noticed the difference and made comment of how the roots feel fuller. I haven't had any eczema since using Watermans. Definitely a convert!! Looking forward to seeing further results in the coming months.Very happy with the products. Thankyou Watermans!

Really great product

I have really fine hair and thought id give this product a try, hoping it may help thicken it up abit.
Now, my hair is still fine but it is looking alot healthier, and to my surprise i have a bunch of smaller hairs are starting to grow! Im sticking with this product and seeing where it will take me, really happy! Thanks guys
Before pics in the black t, 48 days after in green

Its very effective in growing my hair... So many baby hairs now...

Huge hair growth in 6 months

I started to notice my hair thinning at my part around the beginning of the year. I tried a number of things such as vitamins and treatments but it kept getting worse. I started using Watermans shampoo and conditioner around the middle of the year and since then I have SO much new hair growth. My part isnt noticeably wide anymore and I have so many new baby hairs that are now growing in well. Apart from working well for hair growth the products leave my hair feeling so nice and soft and it smells great as well. I am definitely going to continue to use!