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Loving the no slimy residue conditioner

I finished chemo on the 4th of January this year 3 weeks ago I started using the shampoo, conditioner and serum for 5 days a week I am absolutely loving when I Wash out the conditioner that it’s not leaving a slimy residue on my back
I guess it’s too soon to say whether it’s working or not but this is my progress so far

Meiono Vuna (Auckland, New Zealand)
Amazing product

My daughter has been experiencing hair thinning from the age of 10. She is now 14 and her confidence was low and she wasn't feeling good about herself. Tried alot of different products and came across the watermans shampoo and conditioner. It has been a month she's used this product and already seeing her hair patches growing. Life changing and giving back happiness to this little lady!
Will carry on ordering! A happy customer

Grow Me Shampoo
Stacey Cottle (Sydney, Australia)
Saved my hair!

After switching my diet over to vegan in sept 2020 I noticed quickly the clumps of hair that fell out daily. I tried a number of products until another school mum put me on to watermans. Thank goodness!! My hair stopped falling out almost immediatley (2-3weeks) the growth doubled and my hair feels so healthy. I won’t be buying anything else ever again.

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Amera Moslemani (Sydney, Australia)

I'm honestly blown away by this product; I've been struggling to grow my hair for years, and these items are well worth every dollar!
I'll never go back to my previous routine, and I've sworn that watermanshair will be my new path to fresh beginnings in my hair development adventure. I don't want to leave out the fact that my hair is in the greatest condition it's ever been, and I'm astounded by the transformation that occurs when comparing old and current photos.

Hair growth

I have been using this product for 2 months now and I can see my hair growing back slowly.. I am very happy with the purchase of my waterman products

Grow me shampoo n Conditioner and spary

After using this Shampoo n Conditioner and the grow me spary for 57 days I have noticed that I have baby hair where I had no hair as I have been losing my hair n its getting really thin,

Ray Velusamy (Richmond, Australia)
Proven Results

Due to prolonged stress my hair started to thin out in the part. Did my research and didn't want to spend a bomb. Came across Watermans shampoo and Exlir. Took me around 7 months to see results but my hair along my part is slowly surely growing back now. My scalp is also alot cleaner and feels less dry. Must try if you are experiencing hair loss! Will continue using the products.

Very happy customer

I’m a very happy customer will not use anything else anymore, the best product on the market, even my sister in-law who had bigger problems is very pleased

Zoe Giddings, NSW
Love this product

This is my 2nd time ordering with Watermans Hair and all I can say is I am so pleased with the way my hair has grown! I use GrowMe Shampoo every 2-3 days along with a deep conditioning hair mask and my hair has never felt this good!!

Jacinda Edwards (Sydney, Australia)
So far I’m impressed!

I have been using the products for only 6 weeks but I can see a difference especially with my broken frizzy bits on the nape of my neck. I only wash my hair once a week but have been leaving the product on for a while. I have been massaging the elixir into my scalp every night and my hairs feels thicker already!

Whoever's responsible for creating this shampoo, seriously Thank you! 😍

I know this is written on most reviews but i don't take time to write them unless they're for something really special.

WOW! I'm not sure what else to say but the pictures speak for themselves. After losing quite abit of hair over a few months i started to take pictures monthly to see if it was getting worse.

The one on the left is from December 2019. The one on the right is from February 2020. I can't get over how fast this shampoo has made such a difference. In all honesty other people were noticing my hair was growing back even before i did. I don't know how it works but it does & very well!

Whoever's responsible for creating this shampoo, seriously thankyou! & even though i've read reviews disliking the minty fragrance. I like it & find it quite subtle not overbearing in my opinion. The cherry on top?

It makes my hair feel sooooo soft. I've always struggled with getting bad knots in my hair but when i use this i can even brush my hair when it's wet! Really so impressed!

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Miss Claire L. Chapman
Impressed with early results

January - Jun 14, 2021
After having Covid in January my hair was falling out in huge clumps, I had really thick long hair and lost loads in a matter of weeks! It has now stopped falling and and is growing back quick and I couldn't be happier. 4 stars!

It would be 5 if the conditioner and shampoo smelled the same but they are different smells. Would be great if they both smelled of the shampoo but that's just me being picky 😂.

Really wanting to try the elixir serum but it's really pricey for 100ml.
Even if this didn't work growing hair it still makes a good shampoo and conditioner just on the more expensive side.

My hair feels extremely nourished!

Highly recommend this mask

Absolutely love this mask! I needed a pick me up for my hair after having a baby..
It was super hydrating for my hair and the frizz just vanished! As you can see my hair is glossy, shiny and looks full and healthy.

My hair feels extremely nourished!

I am on an anti-estrogen tablets for my breast cancer

Hi there,

These are photos of my hair before starting the Watermans products:
The Grow Me shampoo
The ConditionMe conditioner
The Grow more scalp elixir

Photo taken the 2nd March 2021
And photos after 4 months and 20 days of treatment.
Photos taken the 22nd July 2021.

The Watermans products have made a real difference!!
I am on an anti-estrogen tablet for my breast cancer, that I have been taking for 13 months now. My hair have always been quite thin in the past, but this treatment has made things worse: I even had now thinner hair and had started to lose much more hair than usual.

So I am a very happy customer 😃
Mireille Cross.

Grow Me Shampoo
UDAY SHIVAMURTHY (Sydney, Australia)
Slow but sure

I'm 55 years old now and started using Watermans GrowMe for about 8 months now.

I've observed the following changes:
> Hair density has improved
> Fall has completely stopped
> Hair follicles starting to grow in bald spots slowly

Just amazing texture of hair in general

JOSE MONTANO (Melbourne, Australia)
JFM Waterman's Growmore Elixir Review

I am experiencing slow hair growth with Growmore Elixir but at least it's growing. I will continue to use it and see what happens.

Grow Me Shampoo
Silvana Tsipiras (Melbourne, Australia)
Wonderful product

I went through a very stressful period and my hair was thinning and I had lost a lot of hair. I started using both the shampoo and conditioner and I haven't looked back. I highly recommend both products.

Iliya, NSW, Australia
Worth it's weight in gold!!

Hi everybody this product is worth its weight in gold. I been using watermans grow me shampoo since 2019. And i can honestly tell you that this product is the most effective that I have used 1st starting with rogaine with temporary relief but only to lose the hairs i was growing.

I will show you my hair at the start to now. The 1st picure is the beginning of the journey and the last picture showing more hair should be 2nd. ❤👍😀😎🇦🇺

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Chris Selvage, NSW, Australia
Best shampoo I've ever used

Not only has my hair thickened but I've also enjoyed a healthier scalp and hair - highly recommend the shampoo! I've not used the conditioner but I think I will try it with my next order too. I have used the shampoo in conjunction with some other hair regrowth medication (finasteride + minoxidil) but definitely think the shampoo has assisted in my journey.

CONDITION ME Conditioner
Shirley Gardiner (Melbourne, Australia)
Confidence booster

I’ve been suffering from Telogen effluvium for a long time now snd these products - I use the shampoo, conditioner and the hair grow serum . All three have increased my hair volume and quality and definitely boosted my confidence! Thanks guys

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Michelle (Adelaide, Australia)
Best Hair Growth Product Out There!

Ive been using Watermans for a year now and found my hair not only looks thicker and longer but feels it too, my hairdresser has commented about all the new hair coming through. My husband has now been using it for a month as he has a bald spot and we are noticing the difference, new hairs are coming through and filling in the bald area

Grow Me Shampoo
Kate Pilcher (Townsville, Australia)
Teenage with Psoriasis

My 13 yr old daughter came out in a rash in October 2020 all over her body. She was diagnosed with Psoriasis, which we found a way to manage it without any steroid creams. Once we got on top of her skin she started loosing large amount of hair which left her with a massive bald patch. So we start doing light therapy on her scalp just like we did all over he body. The light therapy help ease the red scalp but then she then had this bald patch on top of her head. I was told about Waterman's after I tried all different type of shampoo which just dried her scalp. So we started using Waterman's shampoo and condition the the treatment. She would wash her hair 3 days a week with the shampoo and conditioner and use the elixir booster in between those days. The results have been amazing, she has only been using it for 3 months and we notice a massive difference, there has been not irritation to her scalp while using it. She is very happy with the results and now has the confidence to not wear a hat during class at school. Money well spent, I recommend this product.

Grow Me Shampoo
Chris Selvage (Sydney, Australia)
Best shampoo I've ever used

Not only has my hair thickened but I've also enjoyed a healthier scalp and hair - highly recommend the shampoo! I've not used the conditioner but I think I will try it with my next order too. I have used the shampoo in conjunction with some other hair regrowth medication (finasteride + minoxidil) but definitely think the shampoo has assisted in my journey.

Maya (East Tamaki, New Zealand)
Seen the result in 1 month

I used the shampoo and elixir for over a month and seen the result with fuller and darker colour in my scalp.

Sadia Khan (Sydney, Australia)
Hair growth

I love this products it’s amazing before I have to much hair fol problem bt now I’m thankful to Watermans to stop my hair I will continue this products in future.