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Based on 11352 reviews
Grow more Elixir.

I've been using this Elixir just over 3 months now, iv noticed new hair coming through at the sides. I only put this elixir at the front of my scalp where I need it most . Waww new hair brilliant stuff. I've just started my second bottle so it goes a long way.

Grow Me Shampoo 1ltr (Salon size) For all the Family
Tracy Tinker (Wakefield, United Kingdom)
Shampoo and Scalp Serum.

I have used this before when growing out my short hair during covid. It is now all one length in a bob. I have started using again as going a bit thinner at the front due to menopause. Brilliant product. Lots of new growth and my hair is thicker and in great condition. Thanks Watermans 😊

I think I found the one 😊

I have long thick hair, oily scalp and dry tips. Lately dandruffs and hairloss start becoming part of my hair life as well. Been trying so many different brands, none of them work on me.
Two months ago I was browsing for hairloss shampoo, found Waterman and decided to give it a try.
Since the first application, I notice that my hair stays clean and my scalp stays itch free until the next wash time (I wash my hair twice a week).
I know it won't be instant results for the hairloss, but lately it is noticeable there are less and less hair left on the drain and brush, also the baby hairs start filling my hairlines again.
Very pleased with the progress, will keep using it 😊

In love

Absolutely love love watermans products. Struggling with my mental health means I pick my scalp at times. Which resulted in hair loss. Changing my habits and using both the shampoo, conditioner and leave in spray, my confidence has come back. and in my 30s I’m finally feeling the best I’ve felt for a very long time. Big loves. X

Moisturise Me Hand and Skin Cream
J.A. (Walsall, United Kingdom)
Grow me shampoo & conditioner

I've been using both for about 3 weeks, I've seen less hair loss but still loosing hair. I think in a couple off of more weeks i won't be loosing anymore hair. My hair is starting to thicken up again thank you watermans x

Incredible Result

To begin with my journey with Watermans started as sever hair loss as i just had my delivery and my little one is only 6 months old. So basically i am in my postnatal and plus hair loss. It was stressing and randomly online i was finding shampoos, hoping to find a result.

Then on facebook people had reviews this product as good so i just started to try it and then i was amazed how this shampoo and conditioner worked for me. I absolutely can see less of hair loss and more volume in my hair.

I would recommend this product to every new mom and everyone who has some sort of hair problem because i was going through hair loss, hairs were getting thinner and rough hair too. So this shampoos for me is absolute solution and i wont stop buying it.

Amazing hair products!!!

I am a young mum and have used the Grow Me shampoo and conditioner for just over a month, the transformation is beyond amazing!! Thank you for giving me the confidences I lost x

Menopause kit - ⭐️ Most Ordered Set
B.W. (Loughton, United Kingdom)

I've been using this kit for 3 weeks the growth is amazing and my hair is alot thicker,love,love it before and after pic

Seems to be working! 57 years old, and my hair looks better than ever

Doctor here and generally sceptical of Topical treatments for hair-loss, but the Shampoo and Growth Serum have proven me wrong. These are excellent products that work for me - I am promoting it to colleagues and patients who comment on my hair. These products are now a firm part of my daily grooming routine. Excellent products with great customer service!

Medical Doctor here - I am a believer!

Initially tried just the shampoo, and within a week my hair-loss was dramatically less.
I am now using the shampoo as part of my daily routine.
I have added the Growth Activator in the spray bottle - another excellent product.
Patients and colleagues have commented on my hair, and I have explained exactly what I am doing.
These products are too good to miss - you will not be disappointed.
As a man approaching 60 in a few short years, I believe one is never to old to start using these products. Highly recommended!

When you use Watermans ever other day...

You can see that my hair in the first photo was thin, wispy and falling out due to stress. The 2nd photo is around 12 months after using Watermans every other day. Karen

2 Bottles of Grow Me Shampoo
Jayne (Chorley, United Kingdom)

The best shampoo I'll never use anything else ❤️

Very, Very Pleased

I took the after photo about 65 days after I started using the shampoo, conditioner and elixir. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised when I compared it to the before photo. I really don't know what else I need to say. I think the photos speak volumes. YouTube video placeholder
Soo good

So goood and I l love it

Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner Set - Best Seller - Your 1st point of call.
Sandra Nodar-casais (Belvedere, United Kingdom)
Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask

These products are amazing, since using them, my hair feels healthier, smooth and has a shine to it.
I don’t loose as much hair, no where near us much much as I used to loose. Very happy and I will continue to use them for the future.

Menopause kit - ⭐️ Most Ordered Set
A.P. (Walkerton, United States)
Thank you 😊

The Menopause Kit is fabulous! I have been using Allevi8 for a while to help my arthritic fingers and the pain and swelling has disappeared. As soon as I stop taking it, the pain and swelling return. The Grow Me shampoo and conditioner have helped my thinning hair tremendously! I received a free cap with my last order! Thanks Watermans!

Less hair loss

I’ve been using this product for a few years now. I used to suffer with a lot of hair loss and this has stopped that. I’m 44, so at an age where lots suffer with hair loss/thinning but I can honestly say my hair is the best it’s ever been!


This shampoo has been amazing it has made my hair feel thicker and a little longer in the short time iv been using it 😀

Miracle grow

I have been using this for two years and I won’t go back, reduces hairloss and my hairs the longest it’s ever been

Best products

Just want to say that these products are life savers ,no other products in market can stop your hair loss fully ,this shampoo and conditioner set can bring back your lost hair as well ,no match to the quality of these products
So try it as mentioned and you will never be disappointed that's for sure .
God bless them
P.s the results of before and after pictures in my case in just 3 months gap

Chemotherapy head

I had breast cancer last year , I had to have chemotherapy and with in two weeks I lost all my hair ,I ordered this shampoo and conditioner , I was absolutely amazed at how fast my hair came back with this I used it when I had no hair at all with in weeks it started growing I would highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner the best by far


I started using my shampoo and conditioner a week after I received it and I couldn't be happier with the product, I've recommended it to my sister in law who has alopecia and she loves it as well.

Masque Me - Repairing Treatment Hair Mask for Growth and Thickness
Sandra Nodar-casais (London, United Kingdom)
Hair Mask

I love this product, smells so nice and leaves my hair so smooth and healthy looking.


I have been using this shampoo for a few months now. My hair is much improved, I don’t have any thinning areas anymore. Before I started using this I was getting a lot of hair falling out. The biggest difference I can see is atriums the sides by my ears, I was more or less bald…not anymore thankfully.
Give it a try, don’t think you will be disappointed

Two months and WOW!

All I need to say is in the photos. Still can't believe it.