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Based on 5580 reviews
New user with Watermans Products 😍

After losing so much of my long hair, something needed to change. After being recommended from a friend to use your products I gave them a go. Only been using for 4wks but definitely can see more thickness at hairline and slowly not seeing my scalp. Looking forward to seeing what the results will be in 3 months time. Also just started using the elixir...products smell amazing and easy to use. Also The Team are amazing at communicating with a very quick response as I had a lot of questions. Thankyou for all your advise and help and my hair smells amazing and feels lovely too...kind regards Hilary.x

My confidence's back

This product is a miracle! I started to see improvement in just one week... I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and elixir daily and my hair have never been so healthy, shiny, strong, thick. I have been receiving a lot of compliments and I have already ordered other 2 bottle and the vitamins! My life changed after I discovered it because after I cut my hair -due to the damage - I hated them, but now I love them and watching myself in the mirror! Thanks <3

Lovely review and great photos thanks for sharing!
Very Impressed

I am currently growing out my silver hair, and had my long hair cut short to help this process a few months ago. As I am very keen to get my long hair back and grow out my silver quickly, I have been using Watermans Grow me shampoo and conditioner for almost two months. Even in this short time I have already noticed a huge difference! I have very little hair loss, my hair looks and feels thicker and healthier, and the hair growth has been really impressive! These products have made a quite painful process much more bearable. Thank you Watermans!


With in one mouth of using Watermans shampoo and conditioner!

Thinning brittle hair

My hair had become very thin and broke off every time I brushed it. It looked almost string like. after using watermans for a couple weeks it has improved a lot. Not alot of each product is needed on each application, which means the bottles last a long time. My hair never seemed to grow very much as well as breaking off. I have had to put my (non amonia) hair dye on earlier than normal as well. I am very happy and have recommended watermans to a number of friends and associates already including some one high up in boots that do supply the products.
A very good product

Recommend- pleased with the results

Recommend- very pleased with the results One month in
Women on my dads side of the family suffer from hair thinning and hair loss. I stumbled onto Watermans and have been using the shampoo, conditioner and elixir for just over a month. My hair feels stronger and thicker and my scalp is healthier (no more scalp tenderness)

It really does work!!

I was skeptical at first but after a few uses of Watermans I noticed my hair looked and felt so much thicker. I no longer have handfuls of hair falling out each time i brush or wash my hair! Even my hair dresser has commented on the improvement!

Great product

Have been using this product for 3 months. My Hairdresser says he has not ever seen my hair so healthy. Major hair loss due to previous health issues. Can feel the new hair growth in the past 6 weeks ... fantastic product ... value for money.

5 stars!!

Using a straightener just ruined my hair and it started to thin out along the front. Ive been using Watermans serum, shampoo and conditioner and taking the supplements for nearly 2 months and have noticed heaps of new growth!! Love it!!

Happy hair, happy me!!

I have super fine hair after chemotherapy and now early menopause.
I have noticed less hair loss after washing and brushing and my hair feels fuller and not flat to my head.
You only need a small amount of product. Can’t wait to continue my Waterman’s journey!

What a great review! Thank you!
Reduces hair loss and thickens hair!

The shampoo and conditioner are noticeably helping reduce hair loss compared to other brands. And it's helping thicken hair, as the photos show! Will definitely continue using the products.

We are are so happy for you. Thank you for your review!

Has been just over a month of use. I can notice some new hairs and thickness. Looking forward to months to come.

Hair feels thicker!

I bought this for the second time a few weeks ago. I have SLE (lupus) and my meds along with my illness thin my hair. When I first bought Watermans I had given up hope of having thick hair again. It worked for a while but then my stress at work increased and I started using any shampoo. I've now cut my hair short and am trying watermans again and can see results. The back is so thick. The top is a work in progress but I have spiky bits growing through. Fingers crossed the top fills out for Christmas.

Results are good so far.

Have been using the shampoo and conditioner for a while now and I’m happy with the results so far. The conditioner also leaves the hair feeling great!

Amazing products

Love the shampoo it helped with my hair regrown and the delevry was perfect 3days max

Loving it!!!

Excellent product!!! The serum is lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down. I wash and apply on wet hair on my scalp then leave it overnight. Highly recommend it!

So pleased with results

I finished chemotherapy in August and what I had left of my hair, fell out a month later.
I bought the package (shampoo, conditioner, elixir and tablets) and have been so grateful and pleased with the results so far. My hair has grown approx 1.5cm all over and I have excellent coverage.

This stuff works

I’ve been using this after I read the glowing reviews on google. I’ve not been disappointed either. There is some definite regrowth and my crown patch has got visibly smaller. Happy to recommend. Will provide photos once I’m satisfied that the growing has reached maximum potential.

Mind blowing

It really works. I had been tired to use so many shampoos for my hair loss no one did work but this one really working on my hair im so happy to purchase this and i will purchase this again and again

Miraculous products

Shampoo after third use made my hair thicker and so bouncy with a beautiful sheen. Felt so clean and light.

After 1 bottle

Bought this shampoo because of concern of widening hairline. The amount of hair fall definitely decreased after just 1 bottle! That 1 bottle lasted me for 2 months and the result can be seen in the picture. I think I'm getting good results so far but don't think the change is that obvious yet, so I will buy more to give it more time. Hair feels nice and light after each wash and not oily if I don't wash every day. The smell is just very neutral (nothing perfumy)


I used to have great amount of hair loss along with dryness and frizziness. But after one month of use grow me shampoo I got different experience from my hair. Now I love my hair and didn’t feel shy to leave my hair open thanks to grow me shampoo.

It actually works

I was a bit sceptical that any topical product could actually work but the review in convinced me to try and the results are amazing, my wife and friends have even commented.
Here are before and after photos