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Grow Me Shampoo - Rosemary Oil, Biotin, Niacinamide & Caffeine

Grow Me Shampoo - Rosemary Oil, Biotin, Niacinamide & Caffeine

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👑 Give your hair the Royal Treatment a hair care company Watermans Awarded the UK Queen's Award 🏆, it's the ultimate solution for hair loss and fast growth. 💇‍♀️✨ 

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    Fortify Every Strand: 🌿 Feel the power of transformation with each wash. Our unique blend not only strengthens your hair, reducing breakage but also infuses it with resilience and dynamism. Say goodbye to fragility and hello to strength!

    💚 Nourish & Balance Your Scalp: 🍀 Imagine a scalp that's a haven of health. Our shampoo is a harmonious blend of nutrients that nurture your scalp, ensuring optimal health. It's more than just care; it's about creating the perfect environment for hair to thrive and combating common issues like dandruff.

    🎗️ Combat Hair Loss: 🌾 Witness the rebirth of your hair's strength and density. Our meticulously crafted formula is a shield against hair loss, promoting a healthier scalp that nurtures each strand. Embrace a future of fuller, more vibrant locks.

    🌼 Thicker, Voluminous Hair: 🌺 Embark on an enchanting journey towards thicker, stronger hair. Our shampoo isn't just a product; it's a magic potion for volumizing and revitalizing your hair, bringing life and energy to every strand.

    Elevate Hair Health: 🌟 Plunge into a sea of hair transformation. Our growth shampoo is a beacon of health, gifting your hair with a shine and manageability that's beyond compare. Revel in the luxury of radiant, vigorous hair that reflects your inner glow!

    🕒 Activate the Magic: When you apply our grow shampoo, it's not just a quick wash. It's a ritual. For optimal results, apply the shampoo and let it work its magic on your scalp for 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing. This waiting period is crucial as it allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply, awakening the hair follicles and setting the stage for remarkable growth.

    📆 Consistency is Key: Transforming your hair doesn't happen overnight. It requires a commitment to your hair's health. Use our Grow Me Shampoo at least 3 to 4 times a week for a minimum of three months. This consistent application is vital to unlock the full potential of our hair growth formula.

    💪 A Realistic Approach to Fast Hair Growth: In a world full of quick fixes and false promises, we stand by the truth. Real hair growth takes time and dedication. Don't be misled by the illusion of instant results. True hair growth is a journey, not a sprint, and with our Grow Me Shampoo, you're taking the first step towards genuine, lasting change.


    Why Grow Me Shampoo? Here's Why:

    • Award-Winning Formula: Celebrate your hair with our UK Queen's Award-winning company. 👑🌿
    • Targeted Hair Loss Solution: Whether it's age, environment, or hormonal changes like Menopause or Male pattern baldness, we've got you covered. 🛡️
    • Trusted and Loved Brand: Watermans isn't just a name; it's a promise of quality and care in every bottle, that's been helping people with their Hair growth problems since 2012.  Watermans was the first UK-made Hair Growth Shampoo on the market in 2012 and now selling Grow Me Shampoo every 30 seconds across the globe.❤️
    • UK Made Products: Our manufacturing excellence to the highest level of public safety measures, premium ingredients, Full GMP ISO 22716, No Animal Testing, clean, ethically sourced, and recyclable.



    Aqua (Water), Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl, Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Acrylates Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-10, Parfum (Fragrance), Citric Acid, PEG-150, Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein, Polyquaternium-7, Argania spinose (Argan) Kernel Oil, Allantoin, Sodium Hydroxide, Niacinamide, Caffeine, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Sodium Starch Octenyl Succinate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Maltodextrin, Styrene/VP Copolymer, Calcium Pantothenate, Silicone Quaternium-22, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Dipropylene, Glycol, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Pyridoxine HCL, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Palmitamidopropyl trimonium Chloride, Propylene Glycol, Biotin, Silica, Sorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2523 reviews
    Christian Moreno (Monterrey, Mexico)
    It has become my new favorite!!! I definitively have seen the change on my hair for the best

    One month ago I ordered my first Watermans grow me shampoo bottle set (x2). And I totally fell in love with it the first time I try it on my hair, the foamy sensation along with the minty smell leaves my hair feeling soft and even new tiny hair has starting to grow in my hairline where I used to have receding patches. Watermans has become my new favorite shampoo brand and of course my new favorite hero!! I'm never gonna change it for any other shampoo out there in the market, because W grow me is totally the best. Thank you so much for everything Watermans! Greetings

    Tracy Tinker (Wakefield, United Kingdom)
    Shampoo and Scalp Serum.

    I have used this before when growing out my short hair during covid. It is now all one length in a bob. I have started using again as going a bit thinner at the front due to menopause. Brilliant product. Lots of new growth and my hair is thicker and in great condition. Thanks Watermans 😊

    Jayne (Chorley, United Kingdom)

    The best shampoo I'll never use anything else ❤️

    Craig Lowe
    Very, Very Pleased

    I took the after photo about 65 days after I started using the shampoo, conditioner and elixir. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised when I compared it to the before photo. I really don't know what else I need to say. I think the photos speak volumes. YouTube video placeholder
    Aseem Khullar (Ludhiana, India)
    Best products

    Just want to say that these products are life savers ,no other products in market can stop your hair loss fully ,this shampoo and conditioner set can bring back your lost hair as well ,no match to the quality of these products
    So try it as mentioned and you will never be disappointed that's for sure .
    God bless them
    P.s the results of before and after pictures in my case in just 3 months gap

    Karen Meader (Harlow, United Kingdom)

    I have been using this shampoo for a few months now. My hair is much improved, I don’t have any thinning areas anymore. Before I started using this I was getting a lot of hair falling out. The biggest difference I can see is atriums the sides by my ears, I was more or less bald…not anymore thankfully.
    Give it a try, don’t think you will be disappointed

    G. (Perth, Australia)
    Amazing products

    I use the bundle every night! A little goes a long way.
    I started my hair growth journey back in May and my results speak for themselves.
    I still have a long way to go but not constantly worried about bold patches when doing up my hair now. This in conjunction with a hair supplement I take has given me so much more confidence.

    JoanneMD (Melbourne, Australia)
    Love it!

    As my hair is thinning due to a genetic disorder it has not grown despite my using Waterman's for around one year. My hair is fine and fly-away. However, it feels thicker and is shinier with much more body. I often get comments about how healthy my hair is. So, I will make sure that I always continue to use Waterman's growth shampoo. It's the absolute best shampoo I've ever used.

    Tracey Sligar (Melbourne, Australia)
    Watermans is working for me!

    I have been using Watermans Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir for just over three months, 4 to 5 times a week and have noticed an improvement in the overall feeling of thickness and length of my hair. I am very happy with the results and will continue to use the products at the same usage for another 3 months to see if there is more of a difference to now. I am extremely happy with their products, you just have to give it time and use it as per their instructions.

    Robbie (Sydney, Australia)
    Only product that works

    This is possibly only product that let you have the confidence back by growing your hair. You must continue using and need to use as instructed.